Nicole Watterson
Nicole Watterson






Richard Watterson (Husband) Gumball Watterson (Son) Darwin Watterson (Adoptive Son) Anais Watterson (Daughter)

Nicole Watterson is a workaholic cat mother, who also works long hours cleaning the house, she is the only responsible member of the family aside from Anais. She has a short temper and can get quite angry, and is also competitive by nature. She often acts like a guide when Gumball and Darwin get in a tough spot with their misadventures. She often gets over-stressed. She is extremely strong. It's seen in the last segment she fights with Tina's father in a warehouse. In the end, the warehouse collapses on Tina's father.


Nicole is a blue cat similar to Gumball, but is noticeably taller. She has eyelashes and six whiskers visible on each cheek. She wears a white polo with a multicolor button, and a short gray skirt. Richard, Gumball, and Nicole prefer to go barefoot.


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