Penny is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. Penny is the love interest of Gumball Watterson. She's the cousin of Leslie, and the daughter of Patrick Fitzgerald. Penny is a peanut with antlers, and attends Elmore Junior High. She takes cheerleading classes.


In the first two seasons, Penny is an antlered peanut. She wears orange shoes and striped wristbands similar to an athlete's. Her shell is tan, and her antlers, arms and legs are light beige. However, in the third season, she takes off her shell to reveal a yellow-orange, winged, fairy-like version of her past self. She has two white eyelashes next to her eyes, and red pupils.


Penny is a polite girl who never seems to get too angry or sad. She has a crush on Gumball and Gumball likes her back. In the episode The Flower, it is revealed that she hates Carrie, although it is hidden for the most part.